Pneumo Care Health Pvt.Ltd. Incorporated in 1996 , PneumoCare has become India’s Leading company in the Research and Developement of products for Critical Care , Respiratory and Sleep Medicine.

In 2011, PneumoCare commenced its research and development of medical devices with unique and patent pending technologies to provide greater patient comfort at reduced costs . This resulted in the development of  Easy2Clean Mask Tm Non Invasive Ventilation Full Face masks which could be used in the hospitals as well at home. These technologies were further developed to introduce to the World two brand new Invention &innovations : The Easy2Neb Vented NIV masks and the BroncoMask .

All PneumoCare manufactured products are made in India and are well recognised by many prestigious organisations globally.

We are CE and ISO 9001-2008 approved company and use only the best processes and practices in the manufacturing .

PneumoCare received the Frost & Sullivan 2015 nomination for innovation in research in Critical Care , sleep and Respiratory Medicine. This is a huge honour for India acumen for innovation and research.

PneumoCare also received the 2016 India Design Mark for Quality , Innovation , Reliability and Innovation from India Design Council under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry , Government of India for Easy2Clean mask series.

There are several more products in the R&D centre and will be released shortly.

PneumoCare’s Easy2Clean Mask Tm , India’s first Hospital Full Face Mask for Non Invasive ventilation applications available in Small/Medium/Large sizes in Vented & Non – Vented formats The mask has special design features which prevent pressure sores on the bridge of the nose & has the EASY2CLEAN
technology for efficient, hygienic cleaning of the mask using locking technology (Patent Pending). The mask head strap is very soft & comfortable to enhance patient compliance.

PneumoCare’s Easy2Neb Mask Tm is the World’s First Universal Nebuliser Mask for Non Invasive Ventilation application capable of providing high drug depositions in the lungs with its patented (pending) nebulisation delivery Mask elbow.. The leak of the mask is bebore the nebulisation port as a result
of which these is minimal drug wastage. This technology enables nebulisation to be delivered under pressure support ventilation.

PneumoCare’s BroncoMask Tm , World’s first Bronchoscopy Mask for Non Invasive ventilation application is designed , developed and manufactured in India by PneumoCare. This mask is based on the highly acclaimed Easy2Clean Tm Technology developed by PneumoCare enabling a very comfortable, reliable and hygienic application of full Face Non vented / Vented masks. The Mask has AutoFit Technology for insertion of Bronchoscopy catheter size from 5.2–6.8mm with two broncoscopic insertion ports.

PneumoCare’s MuClearTm is India first Airway Mucous Clearance device using a unique technology which imparts vibrations in the airways loosening mucous which can then be expectorated by the patient at home , clinic or in the hospital . This is extrmely useful in patients who have impaired respiratory fnction and low quality of life due to frequent lung infection and chest congestion due to inability to expectorate mucous normally.

PneumoCare’s OSAScreenTm , is an advanced Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Equipment for the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea, ,Titration of CPAP pressure , over night oximetry and for 6 minutes walk tests . The products has been developed in view of the requirements of the Joint National commission for the diagnosis, treatment and Management of Hypertention ( JNC 7) and the International federation of Diabetes recommendations.

All pneumoCare products are extensively researched and developed in India and have many design and patents registrations pending .

PneumoCare’s mission is to reduce import dependence in medical devices and to develop more innovative medical products which enhance patient safety, reduce costs and increase optimisation of resources and above all, proudly Make in India