Airway Mucous Clearance Device

PneumoCare introduces MuClear Easy to Use Airway Mucous Clearance Device.Excess mucous in the lungs can cause shortness of breath, difficulty completing simple chores, and poor quality of life. If not addressed, excess mucous can lead to lung infections and make the patient’s condition worse.

MuClear addresses the need for a good Non Invasive Airway Clearance Device which does not cause trauma to the patient and assist the care giver in achieving patient comfort and fewer infections. MuClear achieves the same goal as autogenic drainage (a special breathing technique aimed at avoiding airway compression by reducing positive expiratory transthoracic pressure) by expiring against an external airflow obstruction.Using MuClear routinely improves the ease in bringing up mucous, decreases cough frequency, reduces breathlessness increases exercise tolerance and improves quality of life. Exhaling into the device will assist in loosening and helping remove the mucus from lungs leading to a lower rate of infection.

Slow exhalation through the MuClear results in the ball inside the device to oscillate about 7-20 time with each exhalation and vibrate the airway walls (loosening mucus) decrease the collapsibility of the airways and accelerate airflow facilitating movement of mucus up the airways and improving lung function and oxygenation. Patients apply repeated exhalations through MuClear.
Generally, 15 exhalatins in sets of 3 are performed over 1220 min. After each series of exhalations patients should be instructed to “huff” and cough, thereby aiding expectoration.