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PneumoCare's BroncoMask is the world's first NIV Full Face Mask with Universal Bronchoscopy and Nebulizer ports. 

The BroncoMask has two Bronchoscopy ports - 

  1. Mouth Port for Oral Insertion

  2. Chin Port for Nasal Insertion

The unique mask design comes with an Auto Adjustable Frame and a Fused Dual Wall Soft Silicone Cushioning which not only provides exceptional comfort to the patient but also delivers in terms of quality and performance. 

Front NV Dummy.png
Side NV.png


BroncoMask Vented is designed to be used with single limb circuit BiPAP/CPAP machines


BroncoMask Non-Vented is designed to be used with double limb circuit ICU Ventilators

Side V.png

Mask Categories

  • Universal Bronchoscopy for Nasal & Oral insertion of catheters (diameter 5mm to 8.2mm) 

  • Transparent Ultra Lightweight Mask based on acclaimed Easy2Clean Technology

  • Compatible with all types of Nebulizers such as Jet, Vibrating Mesh or Ultrasonic Nebulizers

  • Flexible Angular Forehead Support for patient's comfort

  • Auto Adjustable Frame to fit patient perfectly

  • Kink on Angular Forehead support limb eliminates nasal bridge injury

  • Fused Dual Wall cushion technology with cushion locks to eliminate leakage

  • Extra Stretchable Headgear with quick-release headgear hooks

Oral Insertion.png
Nasal Insertion.png


Animation Video

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