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PneumoCare's Easy2Neb Mask is world’s first dedicated Anti-COVID Mask with Virus Transmission Protector with integrated Viral filter and MDI Adapter system.


​Easy2Neb VTP reduces the associated risk of aerosolization of contagion when compared to conventional NIV masks as it has a viral filter placed between the mask leak and the patient interface. All intended patient exhalation is filtered before release into the ambient air, making the environment quite safe. Easy2Neb VTP leak port compensates for the increased resistance faced by the Ventilator. 

Front Dummy.png
  • Viral filter placed between Patient Interface and Mask Leak

  • Mask Leak calibrated for resistance of Viral Filter

  • Any Viral Filter approved for use in Ventilators can be used with Easy2Neb VTP

  • Ability to connect with the Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) via sealed adapter chamber

  • Highly flexible and allows for Auto Adjusting and Auto Fitting Mask Technology

  • Patented Design and Technology

  • Lightweight and a very stable NIV Mask System

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