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PneumoCare's COV19® Mask is a reusable mask with new engineered mask design which allows superior airflow and breathability while providing protection against the pathogens.


It uses a medical grade pleated HEPA Filter with a filtration efficiency of 99.97%. A light weight design allows for a longer durability and a more comfortable experience to the user.

Cov 19.917.png

Filter Cartridge

  • Uses advanced pleated HEPA technology

  • Blocks all and arrow sold before discharge from the mask system

  • Saves environment from aerosolised infection or aerosol

Mask Frame

  • Lightweight mask

  • Universal adult size

  • Stretchable strap

  • Quick and efficient face seal

COV19 Mask.png
  • Advanced plated HEPA technology

  • Lightweight mask

  • Universal adult size

  • Suitable for exercise and brisk walking

  • Newly engineered mask design for improved air flow and breathability

Uses air purifier reusable medical grade HEPA filter with Activated carbon layer 



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