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Excess mucous in the lungs can cause shortness of breath, difficulty in completing daily chores which leads to a poor quality of life. If not addressed properly, excess mucous can lead to lung infections and make the patient's condition worse.

PneumoCare's MuClear is worlds first, Hands-Free,

Non-Invasive and Easy to Use Airway Mucous Clearing Device.

MuClear addresses the need for a good Non-Invasive Airway Clearance Device as it provides a special breathing technique aimed at avoiding airway compression by reducing positive expiratory transthoracic pressure.

  • Improves the ease in bringing up the airway mucous

  • Helps in loosening mucous from the lungs

  • Lowers the rate of infection caused due to mucous in lungs

  • Reduces Breathlessness

  • Decreases Cough Frequency 

  • Increases exercise tolerance and improve quality of life


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