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PneumoCare's Easy2Neb Mask is world's first NIV Full Face Mask with universal Nebulization port.


  • Easy2Neb Mask offers Aerosol Delivery during Non-Invasive Ventilation

  • The Nebulizer port is between the expiratory port and the mask leading to higher deposition rates


The unique mask design comes with an Auto Adjustable Frame and a Fused Dual Wall Soft Silicone Cushioning which not only provides exceptional comfort to the patient but also delivers in terms of quality and performance. 

Side with Nebulizer & MDI.png
Main Mask.1360 V0.1.png


Easy2Neb Vented mask is designed to be used with single limb circuit BiPAP/CPAP machines


Easy2Neb Non-Vented mask is designed to be used with double limb circuit ICU Ventilators


Mask Categories

  • Universal Nebulizer Port placed between the Expiratory Port and the Mask 

  • Compatible with all types of Nebulizers such as Jet, Vibrating Mesh or Ultrasonic Nebulizers

  • Specially designed expiratory port 

  • Flexible Angular Forehead Support for patient's comfort

  • Auto Adjustable Frame to fit patient perfectly

  • Kink on Angular Forehead support limb eliminates nasal bridge injury

  • Fused Dual Wall cushion technology with cushion locks to eliminate leakage

  • Extra Stretchable Headgear with quick-release headgear hooks

Side V Dummy with MDI & Nebulizer.png


Animation Video

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