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PneumoCare's NebHME BANSet is world's first advanced closed tubing set for ventilators which obviates the need for disconnecting HME when nebulization is needed, optimizes drug delivery and reduces infection significantly

PneumoCare NebHME BANSe
PneumoCare NebHME BANSe
  • The most advanced Aerosol Delivery System that exceeds the current international guidelines on Aerosol Delivery in ICU

  • Advanced ACAH™ technology that assists in 
    reducing hospital acquired infections in the ICU

  • True Breath Actuated Nebulization

  • Conduit Access for Aerosol through HME

  • Integrated Self-Sealing PINGU Valve

  • Compatible with any Nebulizer

  • Optimizes Drug Deposition

  • No need to disconnect patient circuit to deliver Nebulization


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Self-Sealing PINGU Valve

PneumoCare NebHME BANSet


NebHME BANSET Accessories

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